Sean MacDonnell is a loving 4 year old with stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma,

a rare cancer found in 250 children in the USA each year. 

Sean lives just blocks away from our Police Department - We are very committed to helping him and his family!!.


Sean's Story - Written by his Mom

It's Year Two and we are counting on YOU!!

“In March 2018, 3year old Sean MacDonnell was diagnosed with a rare, highly aggressive form of soft tissue cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma a week before his 4th birthday. Christine (Sean’s Mom) said, "My heart sank- I panicked. I had no words... 

Sean was immediately admitted to the hospital. The doctors performed a variety of tests through the weekend. They staged Sean’s cancer as a stage three. The location of the tumor was deemed inoperable due to its location- too close to his spine, facial nerves and major arteries.  Chemotherapy treatment started immediately. 

Due to this rare case of cancer, Sean's care was transferred to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, a 6-7 hour round-trip drive, at least once a week for the one year duration.

Additionally, in June-July 2018, Sean received 33 proton beam radiation treatments at the Burr Center for Proton Radiation in the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care at Massachusetts General Hospital, all under the care of the best doctors in the world. 

Sean completed active treatment on 10 January 2019.  Due to the location of the mass, and chance of recurrence, Sean was offered a clinical trial for maintenance therapy. Maintenance therapy has had great success in leukemia patients and was use to prevent recurrence of Rhabdo in Germany. Sean’s maintenance treatment extended his overall care by 6 months—through July 2019. The plan requires a daily chemo drug at home, and a weekly clinic visit to the Jimmy Fund.

 Upon completion of the protocol, Sean will go to Boston Children’s Hospital and the Jimmy Fund every three months for scans to guard against recurrence. 

Christine and George along with Sean’s 6 year old big brother Owen, who is challenged with Autism, are extremely faithful and know that Sean can beat this battle. “Little Sean will fight the heck out of this and kick it in the butt.  We have no doubt.  There is no other way.”

The Men and Women of the Old Saybrook Police Department are supporting our Hero Sean again this year!

Police Officers are paying $5 Each Day they wear part of the approved "Summer Uniform". 

The Police Union is matching each officer's daily donation!