Sean MacDonnell is a loving 4 year old with stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma,

a rare cancer found in 250 children in the USA each year. 

Sean lives just blocks away from our Police Department - We are very committed to helping him and his family!!.

In February 2018, Sean's parents, Christine & George, noticed a small mass on the side of Sean's neck that first appeared as what his pediatrician thought a swollen lymph node. Although he didn't show any sign of sickness, they took the doctor’s advice and put him on an antibiotic to help the mass shrink. Unfortunately, the mass only grew, and rather quickly. Christine and George proceeded to take Sean to visit the radiologist for imaging, along with blood work.  The imaging showed the mass was blood fed. This news was terrifying to Sean's parents, as most cancer cells are blood-fed.

The pediatric surgeon immediately scheduled Sean for surgery to biopsy part of the mass to send off to pathology and within a few days, they received a call with the results. The mass was a tumor. Cancer. A highly aggressive form of soft tissue cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.  A rare cancer. Christine (Sean’s Mom) said, "My heart sank- I panicked. I had no words... "

Sean was immediately admitted to the hospital. The doctors performed a variety of sedated tests through the weekend. The doctors staged Sean’s cancer as a stage three. The location of the tumor was deemed inoperable due to its location- too close to his spine, facial nerves and major arteries.  Chemotherapy treatment started and Sean was discharged on his 4th birthday after his first dose of medicine. 

Due to this rare case of cancer, the doctors at Yale felt it was necessary to transfer Sean's case to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, a 6-7 hour round-trip drive, at least once a week.  

An intense treatment plan of chemo and radiation for the next 10-12 months is the long road ahead.  Christine and George along with Sean’s 5 year old big brother Owen, who is challenged with Autism, are extremely faithful and know that Sean can beat this battle. “Little Sean will fight the heck out of this and kick it in the butt.  We have no doubt.  There is no other way!!”


It's Year Two and we are counting on YOU!!

Sean's Story - Written by his Mom

The Men and Women of the Old Saybrook Police Department are support our Hero Sean again this year!

Police Officers are paying $5 Each Day they wear part of the approved "Summer Uniform". 

The Police Union is matching each officer's daily donation!